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My Projects

Hello, this is a list of some open source projects that I have worked on.

The Robson Traversal

This tree traversal algorithm is quite interesting. It is capable of pre-, in-, and post-order traversals, all while maintaining O(1) space consumption!

I have a blog post in the works detailing this algorithm. Until then, check out my repository for it!


A probably not-standard-compliant Scheme implementation, written in Racket with a C++ runtime. It compiles to LLVM, and uses the Boehm GC for… GC.

Probably should not be used by your company, but I would love to keep working on it, and add cool features! I also hope to write about its compilation model, and the theory under it, in this blog. Let me know if you want to read such a blog post!

Royale With Cheese

A game I wrote in Unity for a class. It uses runtime nav-meshes, which were unavailable in Unity when I wrote this. It was quite a bit of fun to get it working!

Currently this is not open sourced, but I would like to open-source it soon. If you would like to see its code, let me know!

A Rusty .DS_Store Parser

The .DS_Store file is quite interesting! It is how the Finder application on MacOS keeps track of files. I wrote a parser for it in Rust, so you can learn about a directories contents, through the inspection of this single file. It is a bona-fide Rust library, available on