About The Sinistersnare

Hi! I am Davis Ross Silverman (hence the URL). I also go by my alter-ego: The Sinistersnare.

I love technology, I love to teach it, and I love to talk it.

I have my B.S. in C.S. from University of Maryland, College Park. I'm currently pursuing my PhD at Syracuse University.


My interests mostly revolve around non-web stuff. Compilers, video games, and data structures are my interests in software. I would like to write blog posts on those topics, so here I am!

I like to work in Python, Java, Rust, and functional languages.


I am 'Sinistersnare' on both GitHub↪ and Twitter↪

My email is my username @ gmail.

About This Site

This site is powered by Zola↪ and the Sam Theme↪.

Zola was easy to set up and use on Windows, which was nice!